Linux Canuck’s: How to Help a Newbie

Wandering through the Web, I found this piece by Linux Canuck: How to Help a Newbie. The writing is full of excellent advice; therefore I am glad to recommend its reading. It is a great resource indeed, and valuable not only for helping “newbies” in the Linux community, but in a whole range of social groups as well.

Meanwhile, I upgraded the blog to WordPress 2.7. So far it looks great. Now, let’s download those Slackware 12.2 ISO images…

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  1. Way back when I was first getting into the Linux Community, chatting on Usenet groups, I had a conversation in which one of the few experts with any writing ability told me most Linux gurus were really good at computers because they weren’t any good at dealing with people. I’ve often agitated for more efforts to improve how we look to newbies, by how we treat them when they ask questions.

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