Grounded and with the flu

This was written yesterday:

The weddings were miserable. I went to the reception for the civil weddings on Friday evening, and there were so many strangers I had to greet… seriously, this is a situation I absolutely loathe.

The Saturday was even worse. It was really cold and my wife, even though she used a nice black velvet dress (and she looked stunning!) was shivering. Later I was informed that the temperature that night was 4 C (that’s 39.2 F for you Americans). We went later to the reception and the room was awful, and cold. The windows were open, and as is usual here, no building is neither insulated nor heated, so we had to endure the cold. The DJ were booming Tex-Mex music at insane dB levels.

I asked my wife to leave at repeated times, and she said every time, “wait a little bit more, it’s my brother’s wedding!” But there was a point into which the whole thing was unbearable and I simply had to enforce my authority and told her that we were leaving. She understood it, and we left. When we arrived at home, we simply crashed our bed.

I woke up on Sunday with fever, shivers, and a major headache. Additionally, I felt sick on my stomach. I spent all the day on bed, eating nothing but a sandwich and boiled rice, drinking only water and orange juice, and with Tylenol and Aspirin. Thankfully, today I woke up much better.

However, I wasn’t still fully recovered, and thus I had to call Rev. S. to tell him I was sick. He wasn’t exactly glad to learn the news. But the good news is that I’m practically recovered, and that I plan to go back to office tomorrow. What a weekend!

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