Thirty Eight Years

Thanks to the Lord’s grace and mercy, I turned 38 years old last Thursday. I didn’t want any celebrations; however, I had a nice noon dinner with the family.

The year that just passed was hectic, full of changes, difficulties, and opportunities. My work with Rev. S. is about to end when he ends his term in office. My salary was in steady decrease since two years ago, and in the last year this decrease in my income almost reached crisis proportions. Thankfully, I am now registered as a Public Translator, a condition that potentially can help a lot with the family economy. However, I began to study again, and I had endless opportunities to write, speak, and think.

Certainly I am not getting any younger. I must confess that I feel anxious about the problems the future might bring. However, I try to obey the Lord’s command about not worrying because of tomorrow (Matthew 6:34). And, especially, I am grateful to Him for His countless blessings, beyond everything I could measure. Let’s keep walking ahead, one step at a time.


  1. I’m with you. Birthdays should be celebrated the way you like it. I came pretty close to what I had in mind, myself. Here’s hoping your prosper there where you are, even as my own country goes down the tubes.

  2. Thank you, namesake.

    Btw, I don’t think your country is going down the tubes. This is just a shakedown.

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