My, is March already over?

I cannot believe how fast March went down the drain. One day, and we were just on the beginnings; and the other, and it’s the 31st!.

Several things happened during this month in my life. The most important change is that my dad fell suddenly ill with pneumonia and had to be hospitalized. After being discharged from the hospital, Dad chose to leave the family home and move in with a woman who is the mother of a 9-year old brother of mine. I feel sad for that; but then, Dad is happy and I just want the best for him.

In other news, I managed to upgrade all my WordPress sites to version 2.5. The upgrade looks all right, although the comment moderation page looks to me as something much more cumbersome and bothersome (try to moderate in batches of 25 when you receive spam in excess of 150 comments a day). So, this upgrade is not as “recommended” as it should. Take it with the mandatory ton of salt.

I still lack an Internet connection, so posting will be more scarce than it should. But this is a temporary situation, and I hope to update this blog more often.

And, last but not least, Happy Easter! The Lord is risen!

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