Mangoes, Mangoes, Mangoes…!

High summer is here with us to stay. This week we had to endure highs around 38 C (100 F) and lows of 28 C (82 F). Add to this a fairly high amount of humidity and imagine what we had to endure (Louisiana residents, and perhaps those of Florida, know what I’m talking about). The walls are hot, tapwater comes out HOT, and you are drenched in sweat in no time. Thank heavens for air conditioners and swimming pools!

But what really breaks my heart in summer is mangoes. We have two mango trees in our home. They give us wonderful shade… and tons of fruit. The mango fruit is delicious; but our two trees produce fruits in industrial quantity, enough to feed an army. We enjoy them; but there’s only so much we can eat, and we must leave the rest just to rot on our yard. How sad! A delicious fruit, rich in fat, sugars, vitamins, minerals, you name it; a fruit that is considered a delicacy everywhere in the world, and Paraguay is producing it in quantities enough to carve a serious dent in the world hunger problem. Right now, Asunción is ripe with tons and tons and tons of rotting mangoes. How sad…

But this also remind me of our Lord’s blessings. Here I am, living in a place where I just must reach my hand if I need something nutritive to eat. A true cornucopia. Thank you, Lord, for your wonderful provision and blessing.

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