A Distant Violin

I closed the gate of my office building, and started to walk to my mom’s place, where I would spend my lunch hour. The day was glorious: cloudless sky of a piercing blue tonality, soft breeze, and no noises save for the usual chirping sounds of bugs and birds. There was no other person in sight.

Then it happened. A soft tune emerged from one of the homes. It was a violin, playing on its low registers, sounding amost like a viola. The player was skilled, and played some typical Paraguayan folk tunes such as «Ñemity», «Lejanía», and «Nda recói la culpa». When the player finished one of the tunes, I could hear some muffled clapping sounds of applause.

What a beautiful moment! A truly reminder that there is something deeper amidst the cachophony of our lives. Thank you, Lord, for this and other signs of Your care for us.

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