Cold Sunday

We had a rather cold day today, with temperatures of 15 C (58-60 F) on the air. This might not seem cold; but we also had rain, mists, and a polar southern wind blowing continuously. I went to church to the 8am service, and it was rather well, save for the fact that our worship director got carried away and she handed the service to our preacher 20 minutes later. The sermon was very good for our situation, and the preacher spoke effectively and graciously held our attention for a little more than 30 minutes.

After that, we went to our father’s place. Mom went on a trip to San Pedro (a remote town some 200 km NE of Asunción, where we live). There she went to visit some relatives with my sister Cristina and some my mom’s brothers. Dad was here, resting in his bedroom as usual. An hour later, my sister Elena and my two lovely nieces, Paula and Sofia, joined us for Sunday dinner. We had some delicious spaghetti with beef stew (pasta is almost a tradition as a Sunday dish; the only thing that could compete for that place is barbecued meat). After enjoying our meal, with some exquisite Argentine red wine, Dad produced some chocolates, to our nieces’ great delight. It was an enjoyable occasion.

I still have lots of things to do. I have a severely difficult translation in the queue, and my office work is becoming increasingly overwhelming. I still have the two writing projects that I mentioned earlier ongoing, and I also hope to continue some of my earlier series (On Porn, On the Interpretation of Ecclesiastes). Please pray for good time management, patience, and creativity. Have a nice Sunday!

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  1. Good to hear from you again, Brother. I’ve been that busy before, but not recently. God grant you wisdom to do what matters most when it matters.

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