Some Updates

This month has been hectic! I find myself overwhelmed with work, but even then there are some things to share with you.

Letters, yay! I got two letters that made me happy. One was an e-mail from Isaiah, an old Seminary friend from Nigeria. He is truly a good friend, and he is busy doing doctoral work at a seminary on the States. Having news from him was a real blessing. Another letter was from my Seminary itself, telling me that I was awarded ~$20 in financial aid (this gets all the awards in the ‘weirdness’ section! Go figure…). That letter prompted me to write back to them, sending my regards and renewing old acquaintances.

The exam is looming… On March 29-30 I plan to sit for two written exams to qualify for the Certified Public Translator degree that is granted by the Paraguayan Government. Please pray that the examinators would be fair, and that I could give the best of my abilities for those exams.

On Porn, linked. The ongoing On Porn series was linked again. I will talk about it on the next post.

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