Mangoes, Anyone?

My home is graced with two big and beautiful mango trees. Right now they are loaded with mango fruits… and believe me, I never knew a tree could produce that much fruit in so little time! The floor on my front and back yards are littered with hundreds of mango fruits. They are delicious, although they are a little high on those pesky fibers usually found in wild mangoes. As with any mango fruit, those fruits are high in vitamins, fat, sugars, and other nutrients.

Sadly, the problem is that no matter how fast you eat them, an enormous number of them are just lying on the floor, decaying. And this is not just an aesthetic problem; it really breaks my heart to see such valuable food being consigned to decay. There are so much hungry people in the world, and here is great food for them, but I cannot do anything!

Well, this is just an example of the land of plenty that is Paraguay… where food just grows on trees all year round, and is available almost everywhere. We have been truly blessed by the Lord.


  1. I really like mangoes, especially after my visit to Panama for US Army Jungle School. The stuff I see here in our grocery store seems a joke by comparison.

  2. You are welcome to stop by, Tim 🙂 And not, canning would not be efficient since the seed is usually 52% of the fruit (remember, we are talking about wild mangoes here).

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