Serves me right

Of course the rumor I mentioned on this blog was just a bunch of hot air. Nothing. Serves me right for airing it.

I was extremely busy during these days, overseeing the smooth transition of both my home and office systems to Slackware 11. As I reported before, there were some issues and certain things went haywire while transitioning sombragris, my home system. After learning some things that way, and armed with that knowledge, I set myself up for upgrading goyeneche, my office system.

The upgrade went well. I took special care on applying some extra steps to avoid trouble, and everything was smooth and great. At the end, I finished not only with a Slack 11 upgrade; I also upgraded KDE to 3.5.5, and to 2.0.4. The system is running surprisingly smooth, considering that is just a 466 MHz Celeron with a meager 128 Mb RAM.

On an entirely different matter, please pray for me. I may become “collateral damage” of a very serious situation. I’ll try to explain more later.


  1. Is the sombragis the laptop? I may have some compatible memory if you have space for another rack.

  2. Ed: Thanks. Sadly, the RAM in the laptop (a Compaq Presario 1200XL-118) is maxed out at 192 MB. Thankfully, it runs very well. Where I do find the memory deprivation is in goyeneche, my office desktop, with only 128 MB. But I cannot do anything on it since it is my employer’s property. But thanks again!

  3. I wonder if I could send you a good tower or something without fighting 50 layers of customs bureaucracy…

  4. Ed: Thank you so much! That would be great, but I agree with you that it would give the bureaucrats a field day. Perhaps a motherboard would be good, if you can get a way to get it here without breaking it… Thanks again!

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