Phone lines… finally!Well, it looks like we will have land phone lines installed in my new home! This means that I might be able to be online again, if only rudimentarily. I plan to put some kind of always-on connection later (at 64Kbps, they can’t be called ‘broadband’) so I can forsake the constant watching at the clock. We’ll see…

Alternative fuels in Paraguay I mention this especially given Tim‘s interest on the matter. The state petroleum company launched a new “econo” gas composed of 40% hexane gasoline, 35% high-octane gasoline, and 25% anhidrous ethanol. In addition to this, the experimental bio-diesel plant is going along nicely. In other news, it was announced that Brazilian cars will be from now on dual-fuel, i.e., they could be moved at either regular gasoline or 100% ethanol. All of this is great news for the environment, and also for our pockets, since it helps reducing our dependency on fossil fuels.
Update on 22/09: I forgot to mention price, which is roughly 73 cents per liter, or US $2.77 per gallon.


  1. “Phone lines… finally!” What? You mean you’ll be able to respond to email more regularly? 😀 I’m glad to hear it brother.

  2. I certainly hope so. But it definitely means that I will be able to download my inbox for the first time in more than a month.

  3. Glad to hear you are up and running with phones. What was causing the delay?

    Thanks for the alternative fuel update. That all sounds exciting. I’ve never heard of “econo gas,” or anything quite like it, so that is especially interesting. At any rate, more choice on fuels certainly seems like a good thing to me! 🙂

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