Moved, at last!

I am glad to announce that we finished our moving, and that we are finally installed in our house. We still have tons and tons of unopened boxes, and we have lots of work ahead; but we have moved, at long last.

Our former house is right now in repairs, in preparation of its return to the landlord. We expect to turn the keys tomorrow. Please pray for a smooth transitional process.


  1. That’s great news Eduardo! I have been popping in here. I read your recent series which was very thought provoking. Also, I’ve tagged you (click on my name for the link). It’s an easy one and I’m trying a new blogging experience. It would be good to connect that way – it seems like a long time. Only if you have time of course.
    I’m really pleased for you that you have got the move done.

  2. Catez: Wow! Thank you! I read the linked post and I will do the meme. It’s so good to have you here again! And thanks for the kind words on my ramblings, too 🙂

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