Updates on the Home Front

Moving On with Moving. Things have been quite busy around here lately. I continue to be very busy at work, and that is also true of my wife. At the end of the day, we both crash our bed quite exhausted. But we should be happy that both of us have jobs in a country with unemployment figures totally out of control; and I am grateful.

One of our constant sources of concerns is our house. We rented a house one month before our wedding, and that house has been our home until now. However, my landlord asked us to vacate the house on July 7th (that’s right; on today’s date) because he wanted his daughter to live there, so we went off looking for a house to rent. Thankfully, our landlord is understanding, and he is graciously letting us continue the renting agreement over that deadline if we do not found a suitable house… but I do not want to wear out that courtesy.

After a very tiresome search, we found some promising houses, and we are right now in the process of applying for a rental. The paperwork is cumbersome, so I have to be patient.

Please pray that we could find a good house, that the Lord could provide us the resources to make the necessary amends and improvements to the house, and that all this transition –including the moving– could proceed well.

At the Book Fair. My wife and I went last Sunday to the Libroferia, or Book Fair. This is an annual event sponsored by the Paraguayan Chamber of Booksellers and Publishing Houses (CAPEL). The place was packed, and it was rewarding to see so much people interested in reading. However, the disappointing note was the fact that most books were on subjects that fell on roughly four areas: (1) Self-Help; (2) Esoterism/Mysticism; (3) Marxism/Communism; and (4) Marketing/Commerce/Business. Well, at least this is a begninning.

Computing bits. I noticed that OpenOffice.org 2.0.3 has been released. Since the download for i386 GNU/Linux is a whopping 120M, I have to exercise quite a bit of patience… In the meanwile, the grapevine is buzzing with rumours of the imminent release of Slackware 11.0. Let’s see what happens in the next few days.

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