Autumn cleaning

I know that most of my readers are in the Northern Hemisphere, where the tradition of spring cleaning is in full swing. I live “down there”, however, and here we’re enjoying a rather nice fall season. But I wanted to be neat and tidy, too, so I did some cleanup on my blog.

Due to severe time constraints, I had to keep this blog mostly in autopilot mode. For more than a year, several good initiatives and debates came and went around the blogosphere, and I had to be content with closing my eyes pretending they were not happening, because I couldn’t even be a spectator.

Right now I have a little bit more time, so I invested it first in cleanup. I checked my status in the blog communities; my ranking at the TTLB Ecosystem fell down noticeably, and I also could see that my new articles were not picked up by the aggregators, and the blogrolls did not reflect my updated status. I am still investigating the cause of all this.

So, this is a cleanup, and a very difficult one at that.

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