KDE 3.5 is brewing; get ready!

I just sent my tiny part of Spanish translation for the upcoming 3.5 release of the KDE desktop environment for Unix-like operating systems. It wasn’t a lot of work, but it is significant. Seeing all major distributions carrying my work and my name on their releases makes me humble and happy. In this way, I try to give back something of the wonderful gift that Free Software is.

Speaking of KDE, get ready for the new 3.5 release, which should be released in matter of weeks. This promises to be a real crowing jewel for the 3.x series, with a lot of improvements. If you try it, you’ll find hard to leave it once you’re used to it; is that great.

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  1. The only improvement I want to hear about is less bloat. I built 3.4.2 from source, code optimized, etc. It’s faster than generic packaged binaries, but still too fat and slow, a resource hog on my fine machine. OTOH, have you see the new IceWM? 😉

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