Dad’s Dead Kidneys

I am about to post a sermon (well, in fact it is more of a Bible study) about the Lord’s Supper. I was meaning to do so for days, but urgent things kept preventing me to do so. Now, finally the outline is complete and you will see it soon enough.

While I was on the forced and unwilling blogging hiatus imposed by simultaneous crunches of bandwidth, dialup and time, my Dad started to have dialysis sessions. He suffered of chronic type II diabetes, never took it too seriously, and about one year ago his urea and creatinin levels started to get up. They never went down to normal, and things got worse. About one month ago he presented terminal kidney failure, and had to undergo dialysis, which is awful.

Dad is mostly in good spirits; but he also has some other issues of his own that are clouding his mind, so this is not a very good time for him. I never was too close to him; both of us are loner types, and I personally find very hard to express my affection to him. However, his illness rang a warning, and now I try to be more expressive with him. I find it incredibly hard, but I’m making progress.

Please pray for Dad and for Dad’s family. It is a trying and stressful time to all of us. Also, don’t forget to pray for Dad’s coming to Christ. He rejects religion; even though he respects my beliefs and he respects Protestants, he would not commit himself at all. Thanks to everyone for your support.


  1. We share much regarding filial relations. My father was never good at paternal intimacy until very late in life. While a loner in effect, I often longed for a better relationship with this distant man. After a quintuple heart bypass, he softened greatly. While he espouses faith verbally, his life is missing a large number of expected fruits. With faith the very center of my being and my thoughts, there remain some barriers between him and me. You have my prayers.

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