Yikes! I’m back!

Shortly before Holy Week I lost my database. It turned out that there was a HUGE misconfiguration and that my database (the archive containing all the posts and info of this blog) was doomed anyway.

I knew I had a backup of my old database somewhere around the house, but my time crunch and the scarcity of my online time prevented me to get myself to restore it. Until now, of course.

The bottom line: all March posts were lost, but I consider this a small price for recovering from a major mistake such as the one I made.

I intend to write about the crash and my recovery process soon enough. Meanwhile, thanks to anyone who chimed in offering help (especially you, Tim). and Rae, I’m so sorry I was totally unable to even go to comment to the Cheryl fundraiser.

God bless you all, and Happy Easter! He is RISEN!


  1. Hey – welcome back!!! And happy Easter! Hope everything is going well for you.

  2. He is risen, ideed! We missed you, Eduardo. We eagerly await the rich blessings which will pour from your fingertips.

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