What’s up with blogs4God?

I saw in my blogroll that blogs4God was recently updated, so I went there to visit. In the last days I got this error:

You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Apache/1.3.33 Server at www.blogs4god.com Port 80

“So they must be making some repairs”, I thought. However, today, after seeing the “updated” indicator I clicked again on it, only to be greeted with the same error message. I went into a shell account I have on the States and lo and behold, of course I could read the site in all its glory.

Thus, someone over at blogs4God is blocking my IPs. Promptly, I wrote (painfully, I must add, because I was writing over a remote console in some server at the U.S.) some feedback telling me of the problem. But I got this: “Comment rejected. Unauthorized server.” Great. Catch-22 and no way out.

Could some of you be so kind as to let the blogs4God people about this situation? Thanks…


  1. The copy is current. The last article was dated Feb 08…

       February 08, 2005                                                 Facing the Challenge
       Metas on My Mind  Permalink                                       Understanding the prophets
       Gary Petersen at 01:55 PM                                         A News Anchor's Perspective on 'The
       Wade Hodges explains a new method he's using to teach a Bible     The Contemporary Relevance of
       Study class that sounds very useful.                              Augustine's view of Creation
                                                                         The Passion of the Christ
         Then I read a chapter from the Gospel of Luke. I read it very   Have scientists created life?
         slowly, paying attention to every phrase. I encourage the class     (c)2003 Facing the
         to listen to the text being read, not follow along with me in   Challenge/Focus Radio
         their Bibles. Last Wednesday it took me nearly fifteen minutes  8 Categories, 1248 Sites
         to read Luke 7.

    This is just an exceprt (taken using links).

  2. I made mention in one of my articles about blocklisting that it’s too easy to hit the innocent when blocking whole ISPs and counties. It’s very popular with the harshest anti-spam activists. What I proposed was blocking individual IPs. It’s more work, but better ethics. The difference is that I won’t bother complaining to some ISPs and some countries when I selectively block IPs.

  3. “better ethics?”

    Um, mistakes happend and I could point out 2 immediate (blog4God’r) instances I know of where IP blocking also banged the innocent …

    … the problem isn’t with those of us trying to keep our honest system honest, it is with the spammers having no soul.

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