Scott’s Interview slashdotted! Well, sorta…

Tim kindly put online my interview with noted KDE hacker (and friend) Scott Wheeler on KDE Multimedia. In the interview, Scott discusses present and future of KDE Multimedia. His answers are always insightful, so if you are interested in the present state of the Free Software Desktop, go and read it.

I’ve submitted links to the interview to Slashdot and the KDE Dot. Slashdot linked to the interview in the Developers section, and The Dot picked the interview as well.

As a bonus, Slashdot editor timothy send me a kind email explaining some shortcomings in my submission, and offered a great piece of advice on how to increase the odds of see a submission accepted in Slashdot. Thanks and kudos to both Timothies! 😀


  1. Excellent read, Eduardo. I’d be very happy to see KDE drop aRTS, as the latency issue has always frustrated me. ESD does better, if only for the simple fact it doesn’t shut down when KDE or X does. ESD may have its own problems, but it works better for me. Thanks for passing on the news.

  2. Kindly doesn’t seem to fit my posting of it — I deserve at least a mild scolding instead for being so slow…. “Stupid Tim finally posted something…” Now I just need to get your last Slack article up early next week. I will improve!

    It is nice to see such a good piece getting some recognition, though. Glad you got some tips from timothy too… They always just reject my submissions without any helpful insights.

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