Gospelcom issue: Solved!

I left office last Friday with my complaint about spam generated by a site hosted by Gospelcom. A few minutes later I realized I forgot something, so I had to get online from home via dialup. While I was downloading the relevant files, I checked out the post and lo and behold! there was an answer by jtr and immediately after, an answer by GospelCom abuse apologizing for the incident.

I really appreciate GospelCom’s responsiveness and responsibility. If only all companies would behave like that when it comes to dealing with spammers…

Thanks, jtr! Thanks, GospelCom!

Meanwhile, I left the original complaint untouched. In the myriad tiny errors that you might notice you might be able to get my anger at the whole situation. I was frustrated, to say the least. After that, I went home, saw these wonderful comments, enjoyed the weekend, and today I got back to the office (I was on leave yesterday).

Meanwhile, Christian spam remains a problem.

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