1. I am not in the least surprised. I always find your blog insightful, Eduardo.

  2. Rae: Thanks for your kind words.
    John: Is it? Well, for one thing, in the original website there’s no place where you can go and check the other possible outcomes of the quiz. Interesting…

  3. I hate those cutesy surveys! Eduardo, your blog is a class act without such questionable support. Mine is mostly a grouch session, when I’m not doing the biblical drama stuff, and that’s by intent.

  4. Hey, I got the sae thing too! I a going to take it again and give all different answers and see what happens!

  5. Okay, I gave totally off the wall answers this time and I did get a different answer! So maybe it’s just that most of the people who read your blog, think similarly to you!

  6. Kris: that’s certainly interesting. I suspected that there was only one answer, but now these fears are dispelled. Perhaps the standard of the quiz is too low, i.e., it is geared mostly to the ‘teeny’ crowd, or something like that. By the way, welcome to my little place! Make yourself comfortable.

    Ed: You’re quite right. Thanks for the kind words. I use these polls mostly to amuse ourselves, lest I take myself too seriously. But I think harder before I rush to the browser to follow the latest fad in quizzes.

  7. I have to agree with you Eduardo — I use the polls to amuse myself too. I don’t do nearly as many as some, but ones like this one that have an interesting (even if flawed) measurement make the cut. 🙂

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