About The Stealth Desktop

Today I received an email from some guy in Brazil who took himself the pain of translating Part I of my Stealth Desktop series at Open for Business. This confirms that thankfully the Stealth Desktop series is helping out a lot of people. I’ve received emails from places such as the U.S., Spain, Brazil, Australia and Pakistan telling me how useful the series is for people using Slackware.

When I decided to write the Stealth Desktop series, all that I wanted is to chronicle my experiences in setting up Slackware Linux as a desktop operating system, highlighting especially how simple and easy the whole process is, and how it does run contrary to the usual myths such as Slackware being for experts only, or being extremely difficult. I also hoped that in this way people could benefit from Slackware simplicity, security and speed.

Now it seems that many of these aims are being fulfilled. Someone even said that he even had to check an illustration to make sure it wasn’t a Windows screenshot!

This is far more than I expected. Thanks goes to Tim for his encouragement and support; but most especially to our Lord for his mercy towards me. To Him be all honor and glory.


  1. Kudos, Brother! My FreeBSD stuff is in Italian somehwere, I think. It’s amazing how something we do for our amusement blesses others.

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