Devotional, July 14

Thus says the Word of God:

If you keep my commandments, you will abide in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commandments and abide in his love.
(John 15:10, ESV)

When the Reformation was all the rage in old Europe, with sucessions of colloquia, disputationes and pamphlet polemics, it was common to accuse evangelical Christians of not giving due place and emphasis to the need of Christian sanctification, and of sidelining the need of good works. It was common to allege that once one attained justification by the sole faith in Jesus Christ, one was in danger of believing in a sort of license for the unrestrained commiting of sins. Of course, Reformers strongly denied this false accusation.

These words of our Lord tell us how important good works are for the Christian. To follow Jesus Christ means to abide in His love, a perfect love, outpoured to the extreme of the supreme sacrifice to the cause of the salvation of humankind. Following Jesus Christ does not mean taking a kind of mental aspirine to relieve the daily troubles of our existence amid a crass emotionalism. To follow Jesus is, first and foremost, to live and practice God’s love and compassion towards the entire humankind while extending the Father’s Kingdom.

It is noteworthy the way the Lord Jesus shows the norm and criterion of the practice of love: a sacrificial commitment to obey the will of God, no matter what it takes, as Jesus Himself obeyed the commandments of His Father to the utmost.

Are we willing to follow Jesus in His obedience? There lies the proof of our faith.

Beloved Father, who in the person of Your Son has shown us Your love and mercy: Increase our faith in a way that, together with Your Holy Spirit, we may walk in the way shown to us by Your Son Jesus Christ, obeying His commandments and abiding in His love. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Nice weekend and…

I spent a good weekend. I managed to sleep well and rest. We rented the whole original StarWars trilogy, and it was mostly good to see, but I think that either I have a poor memory or George Lucas managed to alter the movies too much on the Special Edition.

The sad part is that I feel chronically exhausted. Part of the problem is that almost all holidays happen to fall this year in Saturdays, so they’re not available. (No, we don’t have movable holidays in Paraguay). I long for a vacation…

OTOH, I was very disappointed when I learned that the youth group of our church watched a video called “The Truth about Disney” in their youth group. It was just a lot of fearmongering spilled out by a Pentecostal pastor of some sort. Nice family material, isn’t it? *yuck*.

I’m stuck

Here I am, trying to edit the church bulletin. I hate Fridays.

On a slightly different note, I’m finding Slackware 10.0 a very good distro. Perhaps I might write a review soon.

When I finally manage to get off the office, I’ll run to the video store and rent some tapes. Keep praying.

Declare, O Muse!

“With leave and honour enter our abodes,
Ye sacred ministers of men and gods!
I know your message; by constraint you came;
Not you, but your imperious lord I blame.
But witness, heralds, and proclaim my vow,
Witness to gods above, and men below!
But first, and loudest, to your prince declare
(That lawless tyrant whose commands you bear),
Unmoved as death Achilles shall remain,
Though prostrate Greece shall bleed at every vein:
The raging chief in frantic passion lost,
Blind to himself, and useless to his host,
Unskill’d to judge the future by the past,
In blood and slaughter shall repent at last.”

(The Illiad, Book I, Pope’s version).

Here we go. Hope all of you can enjoy my blog, in due time. Shalom!

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