Advertising Policy

The advertising policy of this blog is simple.

  1. This blog shall not offer any advertisement of any kind.
  2. This blog shall not use any user-tracking mechanism other than those used by default by the content management system. However, should any ad-blocking or or ad-detecting technology should show there are any trackers in use, it might be due to some plugin used by this site. We shall try to limit any tracking technology to the maximum, though.

Now, having said that, some links to books or other stuff linked here might be affiliate links. These links are provided by companies such as Amazon. Should any user click on them and, as a consequence, purchase the item, a small commission will be generated.

The beneficiary of these commissions is FaithTree Christian Fellowship. FaithTree is a church plant led by my good friend Rev. Timothy R. Butler, with the support of four local churches of various denominations in the St. Louis, Missouri (USA) metro area. Rev. Butler has been instrumental to get me into blogging and setting up this blog way back in 2004 and he still generously supports this platform. So, this is a tiny way to reward Tim’s continued support.

Thank you very much. May God bless you. Feel free to share any question on the matter.

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